Supercharge your skincare routine with this GLOU Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush... Available now with 10% off.


Are you trying to figure out the best skincare routine? Are you tired of trying different skincare products with no visible results?

Get rejuvenated with The GLOU multi-functional facial brush. This brush works great with all skin types. Gently removing up to 99% of dead skin cells, dirt & oil to reveal fresh, radiant & glowing skin in minutes. 

The GLOU Brush partners with your current skincare products to reduce breakouts and promote deeper product absorption. each facial brush delivers up to 6500 sonic vibrations per minute to gently loosen dead skin cells and impurities whilst also stimulating skin detoxification, collagen production, and increased blood flow. 

This brush works well with many types of cleansers including foaming, oil based and soap free. We recommend using a gentle cleanser as the sonic vibrations will amplify the deep cleansing effect of any cleansers used with the brush. The silicone brush head is also great to massage in serums and facial oils. 

What's included:
 - 1 facial cleansing brush
 - Brush cover with ventilation holes
 - Silicone Massaging Brush head
 - Hypoallergenic soft Brush head
 - Wireless charging dock
 - USB cable
 - 12-month Warranty

Instructions for use:
 1. Apply regular cleanser to face, wet brush surface
2. Gently glide the brush over your face in circular motions for one minute
3. Each brush includes a 20-second smart timer to prompt moving to different facial areas. 
4. Rinse face and apply any additional skincare products you require
5. For best results, use alternate brush heads daily.
Rinse and dry brush between uses

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